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The National Cancer Registry is committed to making the information on this website accessible to all, regardless of ability. 

As a public body The National Cancer Registry is required to ensure that it complies with sections 25, 26, 27 and 28 of the Disability Act 2005.  Section 28 of this act requires us to ensure that information imparted by it, is provided in an accessible format to persons with disabilities.

The site is designed to be easy to navigate – you can browse or search and there are many ways to find the information you are looking for.

The site supports both old and new technology.

You can change font size easily using using the buttons at the top of the page.   Alternatively you can change font size using your browser, refer to your browser’s Help menu to learn how to change font.

We have provided a high-contrast version of the site for people with certain visual impairments. This can also be accessed via the button at the top of the page, using the access key 'z'.

The home page of this website contains a slidebar.  To stop this bar moving, press the <pause> button on the slider.   All content available on the slider is available from menu options on the site.

There are “skip links” available. These will bypass site navigation and bring you straight to the content.

Access keys are provided for all main menu, search box, footer menu and landing page menu items. These keys are shown in square brackets next to the link when using the accessibility (high-contrast) version of the site. The access keys for the main menu and search box are as follows:

About usa
Data & statisticss
Search box9
Normal themey
Accessibility themez

The access keys for the footer menu are as follows:

Accessibility statement0
Confidentiality policyc
Statutory declarationst

Landing pages are those pages that can be accessed through the main menu. They offer navigation links to all pages in the corresponding section. The pages are as follows:

Some sub pages are also accessible in the style of the landing pages:

These pages have numeric access keys, so that they don't conflict with those of the menus. The access keys are numbered 1 to 6 or 1 to 7 depending on the number of items on the page. 1 is the key to the first or most leftward item. If there are 6 items on the page, 6 is the key for the most rightward item. 

Access keys are used as follows

  • Internet Explorer 6+ (PC): Hold down the ALT key, press the access key, release both keys then press ENTER
  • Netscape 7 (PC): Hold down the ALT key and press the access key
  • Firefox, Mozilla (PC): Hold down the ALT + shift key and press the access key

  • Internet Explorer 5+ (Mac): Hold down the CTRL key and press the access key
  • Firefox, Mozilla (Mac): Hold down the CTRL key and press the access key
  • Safari and Omniweb (Mac): Hold down the CTRL key and press the access key

  • Opera: Hold down the Shift key and press Escape, release both keys, then press the access key

In accordance with section 26(2) of the Disability Act 2005 , the National Cancer Registry has appointed an Access Officer.  Our Access Officer is responsible for arranging help for people with disabilities to access the Registry’s services.

If you need help, you can phone  +353 (0)21 4318014, or e-mail ncr_info [at]

We are committed to maintaining and monitoring the accessibility of this website.  The site is audited at regular intervals.  Please let us know if you encounter any problems or have suggestions from improvements by emailing us on our Contact page.

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