Why does the Registry need to keep names and addresses?

There are three reasons why the Registry, at present, needs to keep a record of patients' names and addresses.

  • Patients often attend more than one hospital.  We need to know that a cancer reported from a number of different hospitals is, in fact, the same cancer, otherwise our figures would be misleadingly high.
  • We can measure how good our cancer services are by knowing the percentage of patients who survive their cancer.
  • People are often concerned that there might be a high risk of cancer in their locality.  We need to know the exact address of every cancer patient if we are to investigate these risks.

Names are only used for these purposes and are never passed onto other bodies without patients' written consent.  If you are concerned about the fact that your name and address are being held by the Registry you can call or e-mail us to discuss this and, if you wish, your name, address or indeed all information about you can be removed permanently from the Registry. 

Your doctor is familar with the work of the Registry and would also be happy to discuss this with you. 

The Registry is independant of all other agencies, and will not, in any circumstances, share confidential information with any other body. 

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