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Dr Harry Comber (former staff)
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Basque Foundation for Health Research and Innovation
Cancer Society of Finland
Comprehensive Cancer Centre South (IKZ), Netherlands
Danish Cancer Society
Department of Health, Social Services and International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon
Public Safety – Northern Ireland
Ministry of Health Iceland
Ministry of Public Health, Romania
National Board of Health, Denmark
Regional Centre for Cancer prevention Italy
Regional Oncologic Centre Board –Uppsala Örebroregionen Sweden
Skane County Council (Lund-Malmo) Sweden
Statistics Austria, Austria
Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium
University of Tartu, Estonia
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EU FP7 programme

The EUROCOURSE (Europe against Cancer: Optimisation of the Use of Registries for Scientific Excellence in research) project was initiated by the European Network of Cancer Registries, to support its activities. The project consists of 10 work packages. The National Cancer Registry is leading Work Package 4 which involved the development, harmonisation, analysis and exchange of European cancer registry data, with the following deliverables:

We have developed a web portal, hosted at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, to collect data from all European cancer registries in a standardised format. Work is complete on an electronic European Cancer Observatory (ECO), which has three components

  • EUCAN An online analysis tool for investigating the geographical patterns of cancer incidence and mortality according to the major sites of cancer. National estimates for 2012 have been derived for the 40 countries of greater-Europe.
  • EUREG provides tabular and graphical analyses of registry data.

EUROCIM allows the user to extract data from the new EUROCIM database to a text file. The data may then be loaded into a spreadsheet or a statistical package for further analysis.

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