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The most recent report from the National Cancer Registry highlights continual improvements in treatment and survival of many cancers.Read more

Cancer in Ireland 1994-2012

The latest report of the National Cancer Registry summarizes incidence, mortality, survival and treatment for cancer in Ireland during 1994-2012, focusing particularly on 2010-...Read more

A new report 'Cancer in Ireland 1994 - 2011' has been released by the National Cancer Registry.Read more

Cover of the 2014 annual report

The latest report from the National Cancer Registry shows that more than 19,000 invasive cancer cases were diagnosed on average each year in the period 2009-2011, with a lifetime...Read more

A review of the premature mortality costs associated with cancer has found that these costs are substantial, and appear to be rising.Read more

The latest trends report from the National Cancer Registry describes primary bone cancer incidence, treatment, mortality and survival. Approximately 35 cases are diagnosed per year in Ireland with incidence rates being slightly higher in males...Read more

Men who take aspirin before being diagnosed with prostate cancer have a lower risk of death.Read more

The latest trends report, published today by the National Cancer Registry, shows that an annual average of over 6,300 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer were diagnosed in Ireland between 1994 and 2011; 68% of which were basal cell (BCC) and 30% squamous cell (SCC) carcinomas.Read more

Cancer in Ireland 2013 Cover

This report highlights the continuing increase in the cancer burden in Ireland. The number of cancer cases continues to increase by 3% annually and the number of deaths by about 1% annually.

Other highlights of the report include:...Read more

Cancer in Ireland 1994 to 2002

This report describes cancer incidence, mortality, treatment and survival in Ireland from 1994 to 2002. The total number of cancer cases is estimated to have increased at an annual rate of 1.8% for women and 1.1% for men during this period. This...Read more


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