Conference on population-based cancer research in Ireland

The speakers at the conference on Population-Based Cancer Research have generously allowed us to make copies of their presentations available on the website. These are for information only, and material from these should not be used without the permission of the authors.

Some photographs of the day are available at

Conference on population-based cancer research in Ireland

Session 1. Aetiology, prevention and early detection


The Northern Barrett's Register--incidence and risk factors for progression to cancer

Professor Liam Murray, Queens University Belfast


The role of folate in the aetiology of oesophageal lesions

Dr Linda Sharp, National Cancer Registry


Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, statins and pancreatic cancer risk in the UK GP Research Database

Ms Marie Bradley, Queens University Belfast


Evaluating options for a colorectal cancer screening programme in Ireland

Mr Alan O Céilleachair, National Cancer Registry


Epilymph and beyond--haematological cancer aetiology, genetics and serendipity

Professor Anthony Staines, Dublin City University

Keynote address


Professor Christopher Wild, Director, International Agency for Research on Cancer

Session 2 Survivorship


Self management strategies utilised by prostate cancer patients

Dr Eilis McCaughan, University of Ulster


Overview of the role of diet in cancer survival

Dr Marie Cantwell, Queens University Belfast


The financial cost and consequences of having cancer in Ireland

Dr Aileen Timmons, National Cancer Registry


Needs assessment of cancer survivors

Dr Michael Donnelly, Queens University Belfast

Session 3. Cancer registration and health services research


Pharmacoepidemiology in Ireland--past, present and future

Dr Kathleen Bennett, Trinity College Dublin


Regional variation in breast-conserving surgery & radiotherapy for breast cancer

Dr Paul Walsh, National Cancer Registry


What are the explanations for rising incidence and falling mortality in prostate cancer? an all-Ireland study

Dr Frances Drummond, National Cancer Registry


The potential of cancer registration data for audit and research

Dr Anna Gavin, Northern Ireland Cancer Registry

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