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Before contacting us with your request, please ensure that the information you require cannot be retrieved via the following links:

  1. Incidence statistics
  2. Survival statistics
  3. Cancer factsheets
  4. Incidence rates mapped

If you are unable to access the information you require through the links above, please select the "Grouped data" option below.

The National Cancer Registry requests that any person or organization reporting statistics provided or published by NCRI, or based on analyses of unpublished data provided by NCRI, include an appropriate acknowledgement – for example:

  • Statistics [quoted here] [have been] provided by the National Cancer Registry,
  • Findings reported here are based on data provided by the National Cancer Registry but the authors take responsibility for analysis and interpretation
  • Published NCRI statistics, source: NCRI (2021) ‘Cancer in Ireland 1994-2019: Annual Report of the National Cancer Registry’ /sites/ncri/files/pubs/NCRI_Annual Report_2021.pdf [for published reports or scientific papers, quoting an online URL]
  • Published NCRI statistics, source: (accessed 17/02/2022) [or other relevant URL, with date accessed]

Grouped data

Grouped data (i.e. tabulations of case numbers, rates etc: suitable for all users that require information presented differently to that available via the links shown above)

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