News from the Director’s office this February is a very !BIG! thank you to Dr Susan O’Reilly who has been Chair of the NCRI Board since 15 February 2013. One of Dr O’Reilly’s first major tasks was to lead development of the 2013-...Read more

Applications are invited for a Blood Cancer Registrar who will be employed by the National Cancer Registry to support the Blood Cancer Network Ireland (BCNI) project. This post will be based at the National Cancer Registry in Cork.

Full...Read more

Happy New Year! The beginning of 2017 certainly is flying by. All those things put off until January are now front and centre demanding attention. As the year opened I’ve had multiple communications with external folks regarding disease-specific...Read more

A new NCRI-led study finds that private health insurance influences treatment and survival in non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL).Read more

News from the Director’s office this December is all about the NCRI 2016 Annual Report. NCRI’s 21st annual report summarizes cancer statistics from 1994-2014. Please see the full report for the latest information on cancer in Ireland:...Read more

Photo of Eleanor Crowley

Eleanor Crowley was appointed as a Computer Programmer at the National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI) in October 1993. She was single handedly responsible for the development of the first data collection application used by the NCRI. This was...Read more

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The latest annual report from the National Cancer Registry, Ireland’s premier source of cancer information, suggests that, although the total number of cancers continues to rise, mainly due to the ageing of our growing population, there is some positive news.Read more


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