Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Epidemiology in Ireland – a retrospective review of National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI) data from 2002 to 2018

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Project Coordinator: Dr Charlotte O’Sullivan, Trinity College Dublin
Project Supervisor: Prof Owen Smith, Trinity College Dublin

This research project is being undertaken by Dr Charlotte O’Sullivan and supervised by Professor Owen Smith. The project will use data from the National Cancer Registry to examine the epidemiology of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer in Ireland. It will study the variations in incidence, disease type, treatment, survival and mortality by age, sex and geographical location of young people, aged 16-25 years at the time of diagnosis, with cancer in Ireland, between the years of 2002 and 2018. 

Further work is planned to study in depth the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of Haematological Malignancies in Ireland in the AYA cohort of patients across three Irish Cancer Centres.

For further information on the project or if a participant would like to request for their data not to be included in the study, please contact Dr Charlotte O’Sullivan by email (osullich [at]

Please note, it will no longer be possible to withdraw individual patient data from the study after May 1st, as aggregate data analysis will have started.

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