Breast cancer ribbon with bowl

A new research paper from the Registry shows that breast cancer patients from more deprived areas in Ireland have a substantially higher risk of dying from their cancer than those from less deprived areas.Read more

This report contains results of an analysis of all available data on cancer in Co. Louth, to assess if there was an increased cancer risk to the residents of the county, and to examine the reasons for any unexpected findings.Read more

Some maps contained in an All-Ireland Cancer Atlas published recently by the N. Ireland Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Registry have been used erroneously by anti-fluoridation...Read more

All Ireland cancer atlas 1995-2007

The first all-Ireland cancer atlas, published by the National Cancer Registry and the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry, shows major unexplained variations across the island in the risk of most common cancers. The atlas shows that in the period...Read more

An atlas of cancer in Ireland 1994-2003

This atlas provides detailed geographical information on the distribution of all the common cancers in Ireland, over a ten year period from 1994 to 2003.Read more

A report published today by the National Cancer Registry predicts that cancer numbers will have increased from 22,000 a year at present to 42,000-43,000 by 2020. The number of potentially fatal cancers will more than double, from 13,800 to 28,800...Read more

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