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Socio-economic factors influence whether rectal cancer patients have an emergency or planned admission Rectum Socio-demographic factors | Emergency admission | Poor survival
Recent increases in late stage colorectal cancer and rectal cancer mortality reaffirms the need for a national colorectal cancer screening programme in Ireland Colorectal | Rectum Colorectal | Cancer screening
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Cancer Trends 33 - HPV-associated cancers Cervix uteri | Head & neck | Mouth & pharynx | Penile | Rectum | Vaginal | Vulvar Trends | Incidence | Mortality | Treatment | Survival | Prevention | Screening | Vaccination
Research project
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UK and Ireland cancer survival comparisons Breast | Colon | Lung | Melanoma of skin | Ovary | Rectum
CONCORD-2 – international cancer survival comparisons Breast | Cervix uteri | Childhood leukaemia | Colon | Leukaemia | Liver | Lung | Ovary | Prostate | Rectum
National audit of rectal cancer surgery 2007 Rectum
Scientific paper
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Oncologic treatment strategies and relative survival of patients with stage I-III rectal cancer - A EURECCA international comparison between the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, Spain, and Lithuania Rectum
Association between smoking at diagnosis and cause-specific survival in patients with rectal cancer: Results from a population-based analysis of 10,794 cases Rectum
Direct costs of radiotherapy for rectal cancer: a microcosting study Rectum
Causes and outcomes of emergency presentation of rectal cancer Rectum
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