ICD-O3 morphology codes

Below is a full list of ICD-O3 Morphology codes. Click here to download the list as an Excel file.

ICD-O3 CodeDescription
800Neoplasms, NOS
801Epithelial neoplasms
802Epithelial neoplasms
803Epithelial neoplasms
804Epithelial neoplasms
805Squamous cell neoplasms
807Squamous cell neoplasms
808Squamous cell neoplasms
809Basal cell neoplasms
810Basal cell neoplasms
811Basal cell neoplasms
812Transitional cell papillomas and carcinomas
813Transitional cell papillomas and carcinomas
814Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
815Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
816Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
817Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
818Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
819Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
820Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
821Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
822Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
823Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
824Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
825Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
826Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
827Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
828Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
829Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
830Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
831Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
832Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
833Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
834Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
835Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
836Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
837Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
838Adenomas and adenocarcinomas
839Adnexal and skin appendage neoplasms
840Adnexal and skin appendage neoplasms
841Adnexal and skin appendage neoplasms
842Adnexal and skin appendage neoplasms
843Mucoepidermoid neoplasms
844Cystic, mucinous and serous neoplasms
845Cystic, mucinous and serous neoplasms
846Cystic, mucinous and serous neoplasms
847Cystic, mucinous and serous neoplasms
848Cystic, mucinous and serous neoplasms
849Cystic, mucinous and serous neoplasms
850Ductal, lobular and medullary neoplasms
851Ductal, lobular and medullary neoplasms
852Ductal, lobular and medullary neoplasms
853Ductal, lobular and medullary neoplasms
854Ductal, lobular and medullary neoplasms
855Acinar cell neoplasms
856Complex epithelial neoplasms
857Complex epithelial neoplasms
858Thymic epithelial neoplasms
859Specialized gonadal neoplasms
860Specialized gonadal neoplasms
862Specialized gonadal neoplasms
863Specialized gonadal neoplasms
864Specialized gonadal neoplasms
865Specialized gonadal neoplasms
867Specialized gonadal neoplasms
868Paragangliomas and glomus tumours
869Paragangliomas and glomus tumours
870Paragangliomas and glomus tumours
871Paragangliomas and glomus tumours
872Naevi and melanomas
873Naevi and melanomas
874Naevi and melanomas
876Naevi and melanomas
877Naevi and melanomas
878Naevi and melanomas
880Soft tissue tumours and sarcomas
881Fibromatous neoplasms
882Fibromatous neoplasms
883Fibromatous neoplasms
884Myxomatous neoplasms
885Lipomatous neoplasms
886Lipomatous neoplasms
889Myomatous neoplasms
890Myomatous neoplasms
891Myomatous neoplasms
892Myomatous neoplasms
893Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
894Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
895Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
896Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
897Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
898Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
899Complex mixed and stromal neoplasms
900Fibroepithelial neoplasms
901Fibroepithelial neoplasms
902Fibroepithelial neoplasms
904Synovial-like neoplasms
905Mesothelial neoplasms
906Germ cell neoplasms
907Germ cell neoplasms
908Germ cell neoplasms
909Germ cell neoplasms
910Trophoblastic neoplasms
912Blood vessel tumours
913Blood vessel tumours
914Blood vessel tumours
915Blood vessel tumours
916Blood vessel tumours
917Lymphatic vessel tumours
918Osseous and chondromatous neoplasms
919Osseous and chondromatous neoplasms
921Osseous and chondromatous neoplasms
922Osseous and chondromatous neoplasms
923Osseous and chondromatous neoplasms
924Osseous and chondromatous neoplasms
925Giant cell tumours
926Miscellaneous bone tumours
927Odontogenic tumours
931Odontogenic tumours
933Odontogenic tumours
935Miscellaneous tumours
936Miscellaneous tumours
937Miscellaneous tumours
949Neuroepitheliomatous neoplasms
950Neuroepitheliomatous neoplasms
951Neuroepitheliomatous neoplasms
952Neuroepitheliomatous neoplasms
954Nerve sheath tumours
956Nerve sheath tumours
957Nerve sheath tumours
958Granular cell tumours and alveolar soft part sarco
959Malignant lymphoma
965Hodgkin's disease
966Hodgkin's disease
967Mature B-Cell lymphoma
968Mature B-Cell lymphoma
969Mature B-Cell lymphoma
970Mature T- and NK-Cell Lymphomas
971Mature T- and NK-Cell Lymphomas
972Precursor cell lymphablastic lymphoma
973Plasma cell tumours
974Mast cell tumours
975Neoplasms of histiocytes and accessory lymphoid cells
976Immunoproliferative diseases
980Leukaemia, NOS
982Lymphoid leukaemias
983Lymphoid leukaemias
984Myeloid leukaemia
986Myeloid leukaemia
987Myeloid leukaemia
989Myeloid leukaemia
991Myeloid leukaemia
993Myeloid leukaemia
994Other leukaemias
995Chronic myeloproliferative disorders
996Chronic myeloproliferative disorders
997Other haematologic disorders
998Myelodysplastic syndrome

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