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Using the form below, you can email us a request for more specific information than what is available through the online options outlined in the “DATA REQUEST” page (i.e. incidence statistics, survival statistics, cancer factsheets or incidence rates mapped). Requests will be queued and answered in rotation. We endeavour to send an initial response within one week of receipt. Please avoid using URL's when filling in the form.

Please provide your contact details and the details of the data you are looking for. Please note that we cannot provide any data which would compromise our Confidentiality Policy.

If the information or data you require is more detailed than what is routinely available, we would ask that you contact the Registry directly and speak to a member of staff. Requests for restricted data, such as hospital based information or data at a very high level of detail will be reviewed on an individual basis and may require approval by the Registry director.

A brief description of how cancer information is registered can be viewed here. A list of the principal data items available can be seen on this page.

If you wish, you can download a printable copy of the request form below and send it to us by post.

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Information will be provided by email to the email address supplied above.  If you wish to receive the information by mail, please select the option below and supply contact address, if different to that provided above.

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