CONCORD-3 publication: international survival statistics


Results of the CONCORD-3 study, to which NCRI contributed Irish data, are published in The Lancet today, presenting survival statistics based on patient records from 322 cancer registries in 71 countries and territories worldwide. Five-year survival from diagnosis is summarised for more than 37.5 million patients with one of 18 common cancers. These cancers represent three-quarters of all cancers diagnosed worldwide every year between 2000 and 2014. For 10 cancers previously included in the CONCORD-2 study, trends over the 20-year period 1995-2014 are examined. Cancer survival is generally increasing, even for some of the more deadly cancers such as liver and lung, but survival trends vary widely, and there are wide and persistent disparities between countries, particularly for some childhood cancers. The study highlights the value of population-based cancer registries as key policy tools, both to monitor the impact of cancer prevention strategies, and to evaluate the effectiveness of health systems for all patients diagnosed with cancer.

The full text of the paper can be found here.


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