Distance from hospital influences quality of life in colorectal cancer survivors

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A recent study published in the journal of Supportive Care in Cancer finds physical functioning and role functioning are lower among colorectal cancer survivors who live far from their treating hospital. 

There were gender differences in how remoteness was related to quality-of-life domains. Remoteness was significantly associated with lower physical and role functioning for women, but not for men. Remoteness had a significant negative relationship to global health status for men. The results of this study suggest that policy makers, service providers, and health care professionals should consider the specific QoL needs of remote colorectal cancer survivors, and be attuned to and prepared to address the differing needs of men and women.

The study was conducted by researchers at NUI Galway with collaborators at the National Cancer Registry and around Ireland, and used data collected by the registry through a survey of colorectal cancer survivors.


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