The National Cancer Registry and Daffodil Day 2015

The National Cancer Registry supports the Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day 2015.

Friday March 27th is the Irish Cancer Society’s 28th annual Daffodil Day. The Irish Cancer Society, Ireland’s national cancer charity, strives to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. Specifically, Daffodil Day aims to raise money to continue providing services for those with, and affected by cancer throughout Ireland. The National Cancer Registry continues to support the Irish Cancer Society and, since its establishment, has collaborated with the Society on several research projects. The Registry also supports the Society by providing information to help it in advocacy and service provision.

Data from the registry shows that, although there are ongoing increases in the incidence of many cancers (including prostate, melanoma and female lung cancers), there has been a shift towards earlier stages at diagnosis (most notably for melanoma, breast, prostate and kidney cancers). There are also improvements in cancer survival (particularly colorectal, breast, kidney and testicular cancers) and treatment. These improvements along with earlier detection have seen corresponding reductions in deaths from cancer.

In addition to collecting information on cancer incidence, mortality and survival, we collect important data on patient-reported outcomes from people living with, or survivors of cancer. For example, our research has found that among both short- and long-term cancer survivors, those who experience a greater symptom burden following their cancer diagnosis and treatment are more likely to have a low health –related quality of life into survivorship.

We look forward to continuing to provide information on cancer to the public, patient groups and policy makers going forward with the new National Strategy for Cancer Control for 2016-2025.

Daffodil Day, is the largest fundraising day for the Irish Cancer Society. To find out more about how to support Daffodil Day 2015, please visit


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