National Cancer Registry publishes new online maps of average cancer rates by county

Today the National Cancer Registry published new online maps which show annual average cancer rates, at county level for various cancers, from 1994-2011.

These maps show cancer rates in each county in Ireland compared to overall expected national rates with significance illustrated by colour coding.

Maps are available for 20 cancer sites, including eight new sites; these are bladder, brain and central nervous system, cervix uteri, corpus uteri, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, kidney and ovary.

Three maps are available for each cancer site; these show overall cancer rates for each site over the 18-year period for which data is available (1994-2011) as well as over two equal timeframes from (1994-2002) and (2003-2011). At a glance these maps indicate whether or not a particular type of cancer is significantly high or low for each county.

For more detailed analysis by geographical area, please see the Registry’s All-Ireland Cancer Atlas which depicts various cancer sites at electoral division level. The All-Ireland Cancer Atlas shows smoothed incidence data across the whole island to look for overall geographical patterns in cancer relative risk.


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