News from the Director's office - August 2017

News from the Director's Office this month is summarised in one word - Extraordinary. That is the word that epitomises the introduction of our new cancer registration system (CRS). Over three years in development and we are finally live. This is one of the single biggest events NCRI will undergo and such an event occurs infrequently in a cancer registry’s history.

The CRS is the principal means of cancer registration. Thus, introducing a new system is a major organisational event with very high potential for interrupting business. I’m very proud to say - extraordinary - is how the process has gone to date and this could only be true if the people and efforts directly and indirectly involved were also extraordinary. The new CRS provides enhanced features and increased data protection. As the national warehouse of cancer information, it is the primary source for unbiased population-based data. The new CRS will be integral to NCRI’s mission to help assess and control the impact of cancer in Ireland.

In the past, as an electrical engineer, I was involved in many new system developments and introductions. I’ve seen none better than the one we just experienced at NCRI. Although implementation of electronic data is yet to kick off, the changeover of our Cancer Data Registrar (CDR) activity is complete foreshadowing another positive outcome. Along the way, some of the things we’ve observed… our CDRs are quick to learn and excellent peer trainers… our IT group are dedicated(!) with deep broad technical and project management skills… our data team are detailed oriented exceptional testers… corporate services know how to keep our staff and finances fit for purpose… cancer intelligence staff have valuable input and patience in support of colleagues.

Bravo, well done, THANK YOU.

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