News from the Director's office - December 2017

As we close out another year together at NCRI, news from the Director’s office this December is about what we may not notice. We have passed another major cancer registration system (CRS) milestone. Migration of our electronic data has been completed.  It was so well done, that unless someone mentioned it, it might go unnoticed. So, to ensure this does not happen … a VERY special THANK YOU to our Data Management Team for all their efforts and dedication transitioning our electronic data to the CRS.

Notably, the work our data team did for the migration was in addition to their regular workload. Our CRS data testers prepared for the new CRS and simultaneously maintained their day-to-day activities – an accomplishment that deserves thanks and notice.

Processing electronic data is intricate and requires a high level of attention to detail.  When data is incorrect it requires a lot of digging and understanding to find where the problem is, what caused it and how it might be corrected. This work is easily unnoticed and underestimated because most of us only see the end result. Testing for the new CRS migration required our data managers literally pick through data line by line, and the steps of the process are such that the output of one step feeds into next and so on, thus looking for a problem can be a very time-consuming activity.

The NCRI electronic data went live very smoothly and that is a testament to the huge effort put into defining requirements, working closely with the developers and testing, testing, and more testing by our Data Management Team.  We certainly don’t want their efforts to be unnoticed – well done!

Happy Holidays to all.

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