News from the Director's office - February 2017

News from the Director’s office this February is a very !BIG! thank you to Dr Susan O’Reilly who has been Chair of the NCRI Board since 15 February 2013. One of Dr O’Reilly’s first major tasks was to lead development of the 2013-2016 NCRI strategic plan. This plan highlighted the importance of NCRI’s role in providing cancer intelligence for the improvement of patient outcomes. She had a clear understanding of the need for NCRI to move into the future with closer ties to both clinicians and academic researchers, mandatory reporting of cancer in Ireland, and expansion of the dataset to include longer follow-up and expanded risk factors. Dr O’Reilly advocated for these key elements during her tenure as Chair. She has been a guiding and supportive force for NCRI up to her last day as Chair.

In addition, Dr O’Reilly stayed beyond her original term, despite a job change, to foster the transition to a new NCRI Director. A very personal thanks from me to her for bringing me here! She has worked tirelessly to ensure a successful future for NCRI. We will surely miss Dr O’Reilly’s inspiration and guiding influence. We wish her well in her busy professional life as the CEO of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group and thank her heartily for her dedication to NCRI over her years of service. 

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