Request dataset updated and new blood cancer field included

The Data request dataset / form has been updated to include 2013 cases and a new field has also been included to help define blood cancers.

Red blood cells - cancer

In recent months, the registry recently published a new annual report. The Data request form has now been updated so that individual row-level data can now be requested up to the year of incidence of 2013, matching the annual report and online cancer incidence. Furthermore, a new field called haem_summ has been added to the dataset that may be requested. This field represents HAEMACARE Working Group (2009) groupings of haematological malignancies. A customised request for individual row-level data can be made at this link and a list of all the fields that may be requested can be found at this link. Please note that online incidence, survival and cancer statistics should be consulted before making a customised request for data.

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