Disparities in breast cancer survival in Ireland

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Dr Paul Walsh (former staff)
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Boyne Research Institute, Drogheda
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National Cancer Registry Ireland

Women from lower socioeconomic groups are known from international studies to experience less favourable survival rates after a breast cancer diagnosis compared to more advantaged women. Although survival after breast cancer in Ireland is comparable to that for other countries, we know little about how disparity influences breast cancer survival in Ireland. This project assesses variation of cause-specific survival between different socioeconomic backgrounds (assessed from area-based measures of deprivation) for women diagnosed with breast cancer in Ireland during 1994-2008, focusing mainly on 1999-2008. Variation of patient, tumour and treatment factors by deprivation is also measured, and the influence of these factors on deprivation-related patterns of survival is being assessed by Cox modelling. Results are currently being prepared for publication.

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