FINBAR - Factors INfluencing the Barrett's/Adenocarcinoma Relationship

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Ms Anne-Elie Carsin (former staff)
Ms Siobhan Reynolds (former staff)
Dr Harry Comber (former staff)
Prof Linda Sharp (former staff)
Collaborators & co-investigators: 
Dr Lesley Anderson, Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Marie Cantwell, Queen’s University Belfast
Prof Liam Murray, Queen’s University Belfast
Funding source: 
Northern Ireland Research & Development Office

The FINBAR study is an all-Ireland case-control study investigating risk factors for oesophageal adenocarcinoma and precursor lesions, Barrett’s oesophagus and reflux oesophagitis.  The study is led by colleagues at Queen’s University Belfast. Detailed information on diet, lifestyle and medical history, together with DNA and biological samples, has been collected from 230 patients with adenocarcinoma, 223 with Barrett's oesophagus, 225 with reflux oesphagitis and 249 control subjects. Several papers have been published from the project.

The National Cancer Registry is leading work on the role of folate and related dietary factors, and genetic variation in folate metabolism, in the aetiology of these lesions.

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