International comparisons of breast cancer treatment and survival

Related staff: 
Dr Paul Walsh (former staff)
Collaborators & co-investigators: 
Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands
Other European and US collaborators
Funding source: 
National Cancer Registry Ireland

The first analysis in this group of related projects compared, for elderly female patients (>=65 years), locoregional (breast and axillary) surgery, the use of radiotherapy after breast-conserving  surgery, and survival between six European countries (The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal) and the USA for the period 1995-2005 (Kiderlen et al. 2012). The aim of the study was to contribute to guidance on treatment for an age-group not well represented in clinical trials of breast cancer treatment. A further analysis is examining both locoregional and systemic treatment (including chemotherapy and hormonal therapy) in breast cancer patients diagnosed at >=65 years of age, comparing The Netherlands and Ireland. Analysis is also underway to compare treatment and survival between a range of European countries for all age-groups, as a pilot study for the EURECCA (European Registration of Cancer Care) Breast project.

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