Cancer survivors

Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer

This latest trends report on Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer (AYA), published by the National Cancer Registry, is the first report of its kind to include cancers in those up to 24 years of age. The report highlights an increase in...Read more

National Cancer Survivorship Needs Assessment
Report on unmet needs of cancer survivors

There are estimated to be over 200,000 people living with or beyond a diagnosis of cancer in Ireland in 2019. Cancer treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy may have a long-term impact on people’s health and result in day-to-...Read more

In collaboration with the Irish Cancer Society, the National Cancer Registry has released a new report entitled 'The Unmet Needs of Cancer Survivors in Ireland: A Scoping Review 2019'. See more details about the report...Read more

Thank you note

A successful and effective strategy to improve questionnaire response rates among cancer survivors.Read more

Our collaborators at National University of Ireland, Galway, are seeking a post-doctoral fellow in health services research for the ICE Survivorship project.Read more

Bar chart of survival by year for all cancers

Survival statistics now provide data on Irish cancer patients diagnosed between 1994 and 2011, followed up to the end of 2012.Read more

Haystacks in a field

A recent study published in the journal of Supportive Care in Cancer finds physical functioning and role functioning are lower among colorectal cancer survivors who live far from their treating hospital. 

There were gender differences in...Read more

In a study using registry data, rural head and neck cancer survivors reported higher physical, emotional, and head and neck-specific quality of life than their urban counterparts.Read more

An editorial, published in the European Journal of Oncology Nursing, calls for action by researchers and practitioners to maximise workforce participation during and after cancer.Read more

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