Trends in Irish cancer mortality rates 1950-2020

This report describes trends in cancer mortality in Ireland from 1950-2020 with predictions to 2015. The age-standardised mortality rate for most cancers is predicted to fall between 1998-2002 and 2015. In absolute terms, the largest projected...Read more

Trends in Irish cancer incidence 1994-2002

This report contains projections of cancer numbers in Ireland to 2020, based on trends from 1994-2003 and population projections to 2036. The total number of new cancers is predicted to increase by 90% (from 22,019 to 41,743) between 1998-2002...Read more

This report presents extrapolations of National Cancer Registry incidence data for 1994-2006 to the years 2010-2035. Between 2005 and 2035, the overall number of invasive cancers is projected to increase by 17,063 (165%, 6% annually) for females and by 24,809 (213%, 7% annually) for males. If non-melanoma cancer of the skin is excluded, over the same period the number of invasive cancers is projected to increase by 12,479 (168%, 6% annually) for females and by 19,139 (232%, 8% annually) for males.Read more

The latest report from the National Cancer Registry released today shows some interesting trends in cancer incidence in Ireland. The number of newly diagnosed cancers is increasing by 6-7% annually and this is likely to double in the next 20...Read more


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