The National Cancer Registry and Northern Ireland Cancer Registry have, since the early 1990s collected information on cancers diagnosed on the island of Ireland. The registries have collaborated on three all-Ireland cancer reports and several research projects. This is the first atlas to be produced as a result of this collaboration.


The aims of this atlas were:

  1. to describe geographical variation in cancer risk on the island of Ireland;
  2. to describe socio-economic and demographic effects on cancer risk;
  3. to attempt to relate the observed variation to known risk factors;
  4. to recommend actions to be taken as a result of the findings.


This atlas combines cancer incidence data for the years 1995 to 2007 inclusive, at the smallest geographical level available (ward and electoral division (ED)), for Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (RoI). This data has been analysed in two ways

  • by negative binomial regression of incidence rates, using socio-demographic variables at ward/ED level such as population density, percentage unemployed and degree-level education, to examine the relationship between these variables and cancer risk;
  • by mapping smoothed incidence data across the whole island to look for overall geographical patterns in cancer relative risk.

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