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'I don't care whether it's HPV or ABC, I just want to know if I have cancer.' Factors influencing women's emotional responses to undergoing human papillomavirus testing in routine management in cervical screening: a qualitative study Cervix uteri
Psychosocial impact of alternative management policies for low-grade cervical abnormalities: Results from the TOMBOLA randomised controlled trial Cervix uteri
Postcolposcopy management of women with histologically proven CIN 1: Results from TOMBOLA Cervix uteri
Trends in incidence of, and mortality from, cervical lesions in Ireland: baseline data for future evaluation of the National Cervical Screening Programme Cervix uteri
Evaluation of the clinical performance of the cobas 4800 HPV test in patients referred for colposcopy Cervix uteri
The unintended consequences of cervical screening: distress in women undergoing cytological surveillance Cervix uteri
Recent trends in cervical cancer mortality in Britain and Ireland: the case for population-based cervical cancer screening Cervix uteri
Mortality predictions for Ireland, 2001-2015: cancers of the breast, ovary, and cervix and corpus uteri Breast | Cervix uteri | Corpus uteri | Ovary
Long-term psychosocial impact of alternative management policies in women with low-grade abnormal cervical cytology referred for coloposcopy: a randomised controlled trial Cervix uteri
Human papillomavirus infection and anxiety: analyses in women with low-grade cervical cytological abnormalities unaware of their infection status Cervix uteri


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