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New cancer trends report focuses on HPV associated cancers Cervix uteri | Penile | Rectum | Uterine | Vaginal | Vulvar
New report on national trends for cancers with population-based screening published Breast | Cervix uteri | Colorectal Trends
NCR researcher gives interview on HPV vaccination Cervix uteri | Head & neck HPV vaccine | Cancer prevention | Association for Vaccination Education | Vaccine Champion
New cervical cancer trends report published Cervix uteri Incidence | Mortality | Treatment | Survival
HPV-associated cancers in Ireland: report from the National Cancer Registry Cervix uteri | Head & neck | Penile | Vaginal | Vulvar Trends | Incidence | Mortality | Survival | Treatment | Prevention | Vaccination | Cancer screening
The importance of preparatory sensory information for follow-up procedures in cervical cancer screening Cervix uteri Colposcopy | Preparatory information | Sensory experiences
CERVIVA enters into its next phase of high-quality research on HPV with a new HRB-funded ICE award Cervix uteri | Head & neck CERVIVA | Cervical screening | ICE award | HPV | HRB
Registry and CERVIVA investigators present their research findings at HPV 2015 in Portugal Cervix uteri | Head & neck CERVIVA | HPV | Primary HPV testing | Papillomavirus conference
What protects against some women experiencing distress following colposcopy? Cervix uteri Distress | Colposcopy | Cervical screening | Protective factors
Our researchers showcase their work at the 11th iHEA World Congress in Milan Cervix uteri | Prostate Economics of Health | World Congress | iHEA


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