4th All-Ireland Cancer Conference

The keynote speaker at the 4th All-Ireland Cancer Conference today will be Dr David Hill, President of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) who will talk about reducing the burden of cancer through behaviour change and public policy. The potential to reduce cancer mortality by applying existing knowledge is great – estimates of preventable cancer worldwide are as high as 40%. Dr Hill will speak about two Australian health promotion programmes which serve as case studies for a scientific, population-based approach to reducing cancer risk behaviours.

Dr Anna Gavin, Director of the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry will talk about Quality in Cancer Care: Improving Services for Patients Using Routine Data. Dr Gavin’s presentation will illustrate how service monitoring and use of routine data have resulted in improved services and outcomes for patients. Areas of interest are the number of facilities providing services, surgeon caseloads, communication with patients, referral to oncology, palliative care, dietetic services and discussion with multidisciplinary teams.

 Dr Kathleen Griffith, from the University of Maryland, Baltimore will talk about emerging models of care in cancer survivorship. Improved early detection and treatment, coupled with an ageing population, are adding to the already 22 million cancer survivors worldwide, and her presentation will give examples of innovative survivorship programmes in which the research agenda is being set, providing a foundation for comprehensive ongoing patient care. On a similar topic Professor John Spinetta will discuss the particular problems of childhood cancer survivors and their families.

 Other topics of interest will include; Dr Thomas Burke (MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Texas) on ”value in cancer care”, Dr Joe Harford (NCI), Dr Bernadette Hannigan (R&D office, Northern Ireland) and Professor William Watson (UCD) on the benefits and challenges of biobanking.

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