New trends report for lung cancer in Ireland published

The Registry has published a trends report (number 27) on lung cancer addressing incidence, treatment, mortality and survival for this cancer

The latest trends report from the Registry on lung cancer has been published. It shows that incidence rates for lung cancer have been falling for men (-0.8% per year 1994 to 2013) but rising for women (+2.0% per year over the same period). In recent years, 2011-2013, the annual average number of cases was 1,005 in females and 1,274 in males. In both sexes, incidence rates of adenocarcinoma continue to rise. This in part reflects improvements in histological verification of tumours, but may also be due to changes in cigarette composition and smoking patterns over time. Mortality rates for men have been declining by about 2.0% annually since the mid-1980s, but for women mortality rates have remained fairly constant since 1983.


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