News from the Director’s Office - October 2016

This month the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) is promoting a very important initiative to raise cancer awareness – Cancer Week Ireland 2016: October 17th to 23rd.  Since cancer is such a prevalent and life changing disease it is critical -paraphrasing ICS- to get people talking about cancer. “Cancer Week Ireland wants to start a national conversation about cancer this October. It is about getting everyone involved in a conversation about cancer and how we can prevent it, spot it earlier, improve treatment, and survive and thrive afterwards.”

It’s the latter part of the ICS quote that the National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI) is actively involved in. Our mandate is to collect accurate and timely information on cancer nationwide. Our work provides the foundation for understanding the cancer landscape here in Ireland. It paints a picture of what the current state of cancer affairs is, informs policy for where changes are needed and creates opportunities for research exploring deficits and potential interventions to improve all types of outcomes. We are a committed staff of professionals dedicated to making available as much information as possible to facilitate the discussion on cancer. We also believe, by getting everyone involved, we can collectively improve the Irish cancer experience through good information and collaboration. To this end during Cancer Week Ireland check out our newest cancer infographic on cancer in Ireland “State of the Nation? What are we doing right? Where can we improve?”.

We at NCRI take very seriously our responsibility to the public funds that support our work. Making sure NCRI is and remains relevant to the public we serve is our primary objective. Thanks to earlier detection and improved cancer treatments people diagnosed with cancer are living longer than ever before. This means that surviving and thriving after a cancer diagnosis are becoming ever more important topics of concern. NCRI aims to be able to play a pivotal role in gathering data on survivorship in the future. Topics such as recurrence, subsequent cancers, late and long-term treatment effects, progression of disease, quality of life and escalating costs, to name a few, are vital to improving the Irish cancer experience. Our work at NCRI should reflect the nature of the Irish cancer experience and be positioned to stimulate discussion, inform policy and foster research for a better and healthier future for cancer patients nationwide.

For more information on Cancer Week Ireland check out this link

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