A report just published by the National Cancer Registry gives a comprehensive description of incidence, mortality, treatment and survival for colorectal cancer in Ireland from 1994 to 2010. Colorectal cancer made up 11% of all cancers in women...Read more

A short report published today by the National Cancer Registry gives an outline of thyroid cancer incidence, treatment, survival and mortality in Ireland. Thyroid cancer accounts for just 1% of all invasive cancers and is more commonly diagnosed...Read more

Lung cancer in Ireland 1994-2008

This report shows that while both incidence and mortality rates from lung cancer are falling in men, the incidence rate in women is increasing by over 2% per year, with the largest increase (4% a year) in women under 55. Lung cancer has now...Read more

Cancer in Ireland 2011

This annual statistical report for 2011 shows that the number of cancer cases diagnosed each year has risen by almost 50% since the mid 1990's and that over 90,000 people are now alive 15 years after their cancer diagnosis. The report estimates...Read more

A report published today by the National Cancer Registry (Cancer Trends. No. 3. Recent trends in prostate cancer) shows that the number of new cases of cancer of the prostate has increased from 1492 in 1999 to 2758 in 2009, a...Read more

Cancer in Ireland 1994-2007

According to this annual statistical report for 2009, in 2005-2007, the National Cancer Registry registered an annual average of 27,023 new cases. The commonest invasive cancers overall (apart from non-melanoma skin cancer, NMSC) were prostate (2...Read more

Cancer in Ireland 1994-2004

This is the third joint report between the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Registry and it reveals that each year over 21,000 people across Ireland were diagnosed...Read more

The latest report from the National Cancer Registry released today shows some interesting trends in cancer incidence in Ireland. The number of newly diagnosed cancers is increasing by 6-7% annually and this is likely to double in the next 20...Read more

Cancer in Ireland 1994-2005

This annual statistical report shows that 26,776 new cancers were registered in 2005, 21% more than the 1994-2005 average. The commonest cancer overall (apart from non-melanoma skin cancer; 6,196 cases) was cancer of the prostate (2...Read more

Cancer in Ireland 1994 to 2001

This annual statistical report shows that, between 1994 and 2001, an average of 20,523 cancer cases was registered each year. The commonest cancer by far was non-melanoma skin cancer (29% of all malignant cancers). If non-melanoma skin cancer is...Read more


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