Data fields we collect

Here is the list of data fields collected by the registry that are available as part of a download request. You can make a download request for either grouped or individual data in the Data request page

patient_idUnique anonymised identifier at patient level
tumour_idUnique anonymised identifier at tumour level
sexM for male, F for female
age_groupThe five year age-class of the individual at the date of incidence: 18 groups 0_4 to 85+
yoiThe year of incidence of the tumour
canctypeCategory recode, e.g. "Breast cancer (invasive)" which takes into account both site and morphology
icd10_o3ICD-O-3-compatible version of ICD-10 code (based on ICD-O-3 tumour behaviour) used to describe the tumour site or type. Click here to get a full list of ICD-10 codes.
icd10_site3-digit version of icd10_o3
topogThe ICD-O-3 topography code (site) for the tumour. Click here to get a full list of topography codes.
mdescMorphology grouping defined by IARC. Click here to get a full list of morphology groupings and descriptions.
behav_icdo3Tumour behaviour according to ICD-O-3: 0 = benign; 1 = in situ; 2 = uncertain; 3 = invasive.
haem_summHAEMACARE Working Group (2009) groupings of haematological malignancies.
iccc_groupInternational Classification of Childhood Cancers (3rd edition) main group: 1 to 12 (I to XII), provided for ages 0-19. "999" = tumours that don’t fall within the ICCC.
mtdpresThis is the method by which the individual presented with the tumour; values are: A Autopsy, C1=screening unspecified, C2=screening organised, C3=screening opportunistic, I Incidental, S Symptoms, Z Unknown.
first_mal1 indicates that this is the first "significant tumour" for survival purposes (or the most serious of several synchronous first tumours) for this patient – malignant behaviour (most cancers), or benign/uncertain behaviour for brain/CNS/intracranial tumours, or any behaviour for bladder tumours.
microverMicroscopic verification; Y=Yes, N=No, Z=Unknown.
marital_statusMarital status of patient; S=Single (never married), M=Married (including common law), D=Divorced, W=Widowed, E=Separated, Z=Unknown/Other.
smoking_statusSmoker; C=Current, N=Never Smoked, X=Ex-smoker, Z=Unknown.
hse_areaHSE administrative area of residence: DNNE (Dublin / North-East), DNML (Dublin / Mid-Leinster), South & West.
depriv_2002*Area-based SAHRU deprivation score based on 2002 census (10-point converted to 5-point scale: 1 = least deprived to 5 = most deprived).
depriv_2006*Area-based SAHRU deprivation score based on 2006 census (1 = least deprived to 5 = most deprived).
sumstage0TNM 5th-edition stage (assumes NX=N0 & MX=M0).
gradeHistological grade 1-4 (most solid tumours).
dco1 indicates death certificate only case (exclude from survival analyses).
auto_only1 indicates autopsy-only case (exclude from survival analyses).
vital_statusDead or alive at end of follow-up (currently 31/12/2014): 1 = alive at common censoring date, 2 = dead on or before that date (any cause)
NB: this represents all-cause mortality, and should only be used for relative or net survival analysis (i.e. by comparison with expected survival in the general population) – it does not represent cancer-specific mortality.
survival_monthsComplete months survived from diagnosis to death or 31/12/2014, whichever is earliest (<30 days = 0 completed months).
NB: This field is provided as an approximation of survival time, and for analysis purposes it should be assumed that 1 complete month survived = 1.5 months, etc.
year_deathYear of death (if on or before common censoring date, currently 31/12/2014).
surg_1yrYes/no had tumour-directed surgery within 1 year of diagnosis.
chemo_1yrYes/no had chemotherapy or tumour-directed immunotherapy within 1 year of diagnosis. A null value indicates that this field is not available.
horm_1yrYes/no had tumour-directed hormonal therapy within 1 year of diagnosis. A null value indicates that this field is not available.
medonc_1yrYes/no had tumour-directed medical oncology treatment within 1 year of diagnosis.
radio_1yrYes/no had radiotherapy within 1 year of diagnosis.

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