Information about the FoI body

The National Cancer Registry is a publicly appointed body which was established in 1991 to collect and classify information on all cancer cases which occur in Ireland. Our activities include:

  1. Establishment and legislation
  2. Role responsibilities & functions of NCR
  3. Classes of records held
  4. Details of the membership and functions of any governance Boards of the NCR:
  5. Corporate Plan
  6. Pay and grading structures:
  7. Structure of NCR / organisation charts
  8. Contact points for each functional area
  9. Contact points for information including requests under FoI, AIE, Data Protection and media enquiries
  10. Details of service level agreements or memoranda of understanding between FoI bodies - N/A

Building 6800
Cork Airport Business Park
Kinsale Road, Cork T12 CDF7
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Tel: +353 (0) 21 4318014
Fax: +353 (0) 21 4318016

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